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Direct Rate — the simple way to your dream home


Direct Rate — the simple way to your dream home

Direct Rate offers a variety of home purchase loan options to help individuals and families achieve their homeownership dreams. Our experienced team of mortgage experts will work closely with you to guide you through the entire loan process, from pre-qualification to closing, providing you with personalized support and exceptional customer service along the way. At Direct Rate, we are committed to helping you find the best loan option to fit your specific needs and goals and make your home purchase a reality.

Advantages of Direct Rate

Loan Products We Offer

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The Purchase Process

1. Pre-Qualification

This is a quick and easy phone call to determine the max amount you qualify for. A pre-qualification letter will be provided to you and your real estate agent. You can now put in an offer for a new home.

2. Loan Application

Finish the application and provide required documents to begin the loan process. The hard part is over, sit back, relax, and let Direct Rate begin to process your file.

3. Processing and Underwriting

During this phase, we are working to get your file into the final stages of closing. Additional documents may be needed, and the loan officer will keep you updated on the status of your loan.

4. Closing on Your New Home

An agent from the title company will schedule a convenient time for you to sign the closing documents and hand over the keys to your new home!

It's as easy as that.
Get into your dream home today!