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Why Direct Rate?

Dependability & Availability

We understand that evenings and weekends are critical times for potential home buyers to view and make offers on homes, therefore we have loan officers available 24/7. Regardless of the time or day, we can provide you a FREE PRE-QUALIFICATION LETTER within MINUTES at your request. You and your real estate agent will have our direct numbers and can contact us any time.

Speed & Simplicity

Here at Direct Rate, we take tremendous pride in our speedy closings, in as fast as 15 Days. Our expert processors and underwriters are knowledgeable, experienced, and extremely dedicated, resulting in quick turn times. Our straightforward and simplified overlays mean fewer hoops the buyers must jump through to get closed. We work nights and weekends to make certain that no time is lost.


We place our customers and real estate agents on a pedestal to ensure our process is a successful and stress-free experience. We communicate with all parties involved on a regular basis, so no one is ever left in the dark. In some cases, we can offer lender credits, no survey fee, appraisal waivers, and no processing and application fees.

Make It Happen Attitude

We will do our best to figure out a way to get you qualified. If you are a buyer with a unique situation who might require a more flexible mortgage solution, we offer a wide range of loan products. (FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, Home Possible, Bank Statements only, ITIN, Foreign Nationals, and many other products and programs.) Bottom line, if you are serious about purchasing a house or refinancing, we will do our best to make it happen.


With today’s rising interest rates, it is getting far more difficult to qualify and approve homebuyers. With Direct Rate, you will skip the middleman, insuring you a very low rate. Our low rates make qualifying for a mortgage easier by reducing closing costs and debt to income issues.

Business Experience

We have experts that have been in the industry since 1994 who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the loan process. We are here to help offer suggestions and solutions for improving qualifications to help tailor a mortgage to fit your personal and financial needs.


Direct Rate’s image is a direct reflection of our customer service. This means we will be 100% committed and dedicated to our customers and real estate agents. We thrive on partnerships, referrals, and reputation.